Introduction to Blogging

Hi! If you received this post as soon as I published it, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t write anything. Here’e what happened: I was going to publish my first blog post, but I wanted to check some formatting stuff out first (i.e. I wanted to see where this page landed on the website). Well… it was just after I posted it that I realized my followers would receive this blank page. Sorry about that! I’ll get to my blog soon.

So, I would like to first tell you that when I originally started this website, it was not my intention to write blogs. I just wanted people to come see my website, and if they liked it, to be able to buy the sheet music. Well… now I see that it would be better to do a little blogging, at the least. It’s a good way to communicate with the audience. Anyway, I’ll not be blogging, necessarily, with a consistent pattern that matches the squares that some people check off every day (i.e. a calendar). My plan is to post a new blog every time I am working on a piece (unless there’s too many at one time that I’m working on), with some exceptions. So here’s my first blog, over one year after I began the website.

I am currently working on a piano trio right now (No. 1, to be precise), and it is so fun, as it is definitely one of my best pieces yet! Let me give you a definition of what a motif is, as I will be using that word a lot in this blog (and probably later posts as well).

“A motif [aka motive] is a small but recognizable musical unit.” Small can vary, but you get the idea, right?

I came up with the motif for this piece a while ago, and I unknowingly made many variations of it throughout the past year, or more. I used it first in a piece I composed for a friend who wanted music for a short story she wrote (the music is not available yet, as we need to find a good narrator. If you would like to read the story, click here to visit the page. I composed that the end of last year. About a week ago, I ‘came up’ with this motif (it was really the same, but at the time I didn’t remember that. Also, it sounds quite a bit different, but it was pretty much the same.) I knew it would sound perfect (of course, that’s providing it’s composed well) as a piano trio. Well… Monday I threw some notes on my music program, and started composing this piece for violin, cello, and piano.

I’m still working on it, and it’s not ready to let everyone hear yet. But if you want to hear a sample with bad audio quality, since there’s only four people following this blog (all of which I know), I’ll give you a ‘secret’ link to where you can see what I’ve got done so far. After it seems like you’ve listened to it all, you can scroll down all of the blank staffs on the paper, and you’ll arrive at two different variations of the motif. I plan to place them in the piece later, but I’m not up to that yet. Hope you like it! Here it is.

Again, the audio quality is bad, and when I’m done composing the piece, my plan is to upgrade it. This link will take you to my profile in MuseScore, which is the program I use to compose. It’s not the best, but it’s a free download, and it works great for sheet music. When you visit my profile, you’ll be able to see the notes as well, which you may enjoy. Just be careful not to share the piece, as I need to do a few more things for copyrighting the piece.

God bless!


9 thoughts on “Introduction to Blogging

  1. Parker Hankins

    Ooh!! I love the piano!! I’m so glad to have found this blog!! Do you play by ear at all? I do. Have you heard Erin Bates play ‘Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee’?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!

      Simply put, I play piano by reading music, memory and ear (maybe not int hat order ). That’s good God gave you a good ear!

      I don’t think I’ve heard Erin Bates play that song, but I have heard her play some other pieces and what I’ve heard by her is absolutely beautiful! I just watch the Bates show. Does she have a blog for her music?

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  2. Parker Hankins

    You need to look her up on YouTube. There are quite a few videos on there. Here’s the one I mentioned. I can’t help but share.
    Oh, and this ‘It Is Well’ is really good.

    Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a blog.

    I have a website I’m working on that will feature a lot of Erin, Greg Howlett, and some of myself. If you’d be interested, I could tell you when it’s published. Here’s me playing.

    Also, your music was amazing on Anna’s short story. It was just wonderful!!

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    1. Thanks for the links! I’d definitely be interested to know when your website is published.

      Thanks about The Patriot’s Song! God just somehow put all that music into my head. I’m constantly overwhelmed by how God can use an uneducated composer like me (secret’s out, I don’t know much music for a composer) to create music that other people enjoy. Praise God!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Parker Hankins

        I’ve met her twice. I don’t really know her. But I follow her music like crazy!!! I have her CDs and listen to them constantly. I watch her on YouTube and even try to learn her arrangements.


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