O Come All Ye Faithful!

It’s Christmas season now, and one of the things many people like about Christmas, is the music. As a tradition of listening to certain music only when it’s Christmas time, it brings back many memories of all the other times we’ve heard the song played. Maybe it’s a specific arrangement, or maybe just a certain song. Either way, the memories and feeling we get when listening to it is yet another example of how powerful music is.

One song in particular is one of my favorites when it comes to Christmas music that sounds good, and has fitting words as well. O Come All Ye Faithful is a call to come and worship our King and our Lord, Jesus Christ! Of course you all know that, but it’s not only the words that makes it a good song. If the music was mournful and sad, and we  were singing words that expresses the opposite (joy), then it would be far from a good song. When the words don’t match the music of a piece, and vice versa, something needs to be changed. That’s why “Christian” rap is not right. It takes the Bible and mixes it with music that does not reflect the beauty and majesty of our God, and the consistency of His creation. That is also why many classical operas and other pieces with vocals are not good, only it’s the other way: pagan composers compose music that reflects God’s person, but the words are profane! Handle’s composition, The Messiah (which I and my family are going to hear live, Lord willing in a week) is a wonderful piece because the music and lyrics are both consistent and the whole piece glorifies God, rather than just the words, or just the music. O Come all Ye Faithful is a good example of a great song as well, and for that, it is one of my favorites, personally.

After I finished composing and arranging Sola Fide, and arranging Mary Did You Know? my dad came up to me and asked me to arrange a piece for him to play at our Christmas recital just when I thought I had a break for composing and arranging, and could focus more on writing my book during NaNoWriMo. Kinda funny how that works, but anyway, this is my newest piece of music and my own dad and sister will be performing it within the next month. I’ve spent the past few days arranging, editing and tweaking this new arrangement of mine for trombone with piano accompaniment. You can listen to a rough, synthesized recording of it here. I’ll be taking it off after a little while, and will try to get better audio up on SoundCloud soon, so if you want to listen to it, now’s the time to do so! Hope you enjoy this piece!

Elijah Hubler

~Sola Deo Gloria!

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