Sorry, just woke up

ancient-antique-architecture-912445 (2)I suppose if I haven’t said a thing since February, it must mean I’ve been asleep this whole time… or hibernating.

Yeah, maybe a little late in the year for that. Although, it has been rather cool for spring time in Arizona. To tell the truth, though, I think I’ve been near sleeping this whole time. If it wasn’t for my two brothers who just pounced on me when I wasn’t expecting it (duh), I’d probably still be sleep walking.

With an internship for a commercial appraiser that began in March being stacked, piled (however you wanna say it) on top of everything else, these past several months have gone by extremely fast. I remember calculating four months till the AFHE Convention, and just a few days ago I recalculated, knowing that some time had gone by, but thinking it was only a couple weeks. Well, who knew two whole months could go by so quickly? I entered an application as an exhibitor for the convention, and was just notified two days ago that I’ve been accepted. So now, on top of everything else, my plans are to arrange The Savior of the World (aka Danny Boy), The Star Spangled Banner, as well as force every bit of my music that I’ve completed into audio files, then onto discs and then on the table I ordered for the convention. Not to mention several other things including publishing some sheet music and ordering business cards, etc. The plan is to publish two CDs in only two months! One CD for my compositions, and one for my arrangements. That’s some big news! Well… I think it is. OW!

Be right back, gotta take care of my wild bros…

A few other updates worth noting: one, I had asked Ligonier Ministries if they would allow me to place my hymn Sola Fide on their website available for free download. I had asked R.C. Sproul personally seven months prior, but he said it was not within his purview to determine that, however, he said he would forward it to the right people to make that decision. He also said he liked the hymn very well. Sadly, it was only two months later that he passed away, which was amazing I was able to receive a personal letter from him that soon before he died.

After a while of not hearing anything from Ligonier, I sent an email to them restating what I had asked Mr. Sproul originally (I realized later that Mr. Sproul’s health was not good leading up to his death, and wouldn’t be surprised if he had not been able to forward my request to Ligonier officials). They did say no, as it is not their practice to publish any music besides what R.C. Sproul wrote with Jeff Lippencott. However, they said the piece was commendable, and it was very encouraging to hear that from them as well as Mr. Sproul.

Secondly, I recently received the results from the competition I entered. Negative. However, it was interesting to think that my package still made it through, even though I forgot to put postage on it xD I plan to enter my symphony next year – a work currently being revised – inspired by Tchaikovsky’s 5th symphony, one of my new favorites, and one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve heard!

In conclusion, I’d like to say that I plan on being more consistent instead of just posting “whenever,” which may help me accomplish more works. So, keep in tune. Lord willing, you should hear from me in another week or two, as I plan to complete either The Savior of the World or The Star Spangled Banner very soon.

God bless you all!

​”I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart;
I will tell of all Your marvelous works.
I will be glad and rejoice in You;
I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.”
~Psalm 9: 1-2


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