Coming Soon!

DM BannerMonths are flying by as fast as water vaping from a steaming pot. Oh, wait… that proverb was speaking about life! I’m not quite sure what’s shorter than vapors, but the AFHE 2018 Conference is closing in on us either way.

I guess I didn’t exactly finish either one of my planned arrangements yet. I need a little more time for those, but I have designed, ordered and received a quantity of business cards as well as one banner, which will almost fill up all the curtain space I have for my booth.

Anyway, just wanted to keep my commitment of once about every two weeks. Lord willing, next time I will have both arrangements (The Savior of the World, and The Star Spangled Banner) completed and available to listen to on MuseScore (working on upgrading soon). The Star Spangled Banner is coming along very well, so far, and is almost exactly how I want it to sound – unique ;).

God bless!

~Elijah Hubler

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