The Song I Never Liked

I never enjoyed hearing The Star Spangled Banner until something happened…

Several friends got me to sing The Star Spangled Banner with them two years ago. Before then, I mostly heard this song when some vocal soloist who thought they were really good performed it, and made it sound bad (not referring to anyone I know). Another reason I never liked it was cause I never really looked at the words. But when my friends got me to sing it with them on the 4th of July, 2016, it forced me to look at both the words and music, which I gradually became more fond of.

This arrangement for solo piano is dedicated to those three people, Kate, Paul and Anna Willis. I purposed to make this a unique arrangement, and one that gave the piece justice, rather than making it the same as everyone else I’ve heard play it.

Again, I apologize for the poor audio quality, but I have good news. I recently subscribed to one year of good quality synthesizers, which will give me access to improve the quality of these recordings a good deal compared with what I have now. Here’s the link to view the score.

God bless!

Elijah Hubler

~Happy 4th of July in advance!

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