Who Wants to Think of a Fitting Title? :o

Hey folks! My apologies for not posting last week. See, I was extremely busy getting things ready for a booth I had at the homeschool convention last Friday-Saturday. I learned that publishing a CD is a little more work than I had imagined. Staying up late hours of the night and getting up early hours of the morning, my biggest day starting at around 4:00 am. and ending at approximately 10:30 pm. 😮 (I know 😛 , only half of Ben Franklin’s quote, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”). It was all worth it though, and the convention went as well as could be expected. I now have the album available for digital download and am working on getting several more things up and running, including the option to purchase a physical copy of the CD on my website. Feel free to check out the album! Just a side note, I am working on getting the duration and price displayed on the page with all my pieces, but do not have that yet.

While I’m at it, I should let you know that The Patriot’s Song is finally released!!!!! I talked about this work briefly when describing a musical phrase I took from it, unintentionally, in a blog post about my Piano Trio in its early stages of development. The Patriot’s Song is a short story written by a friend, Anna Willis. She wanted some music written to go along with it and I offered my services as a composer. 😀 Just recently, we were finally able to get a narration of it, by Jim Hodges, and put the words and music together. Personally, I really like the story, and of course think the music is great! xD 😮 Hearing the words and music together for the first time was thrilling, and I greatly enjoyed the whole process from start to finish, but especially the “finish” part! 😉 You can read the story first-hand and/or listen to the final product with the music and narration by visiting Anna’s website or downloading a free audio file here!

Just a small update on what I’ve been doing today: currently, I’m taking a course by Peter Hollens on “How to Make a Living online.” He is an a-cappella singer who actually makes a living doing just that (well, mostly 😉 ). It’s been good so far, and I’m learning more things which I should be putting into action sometime soon here. xD

One more thing before I say goodbye to y’all for now: I’m planning to release a Christmas album within the next couple months or so. The album will consist mostly of piano works with some trombone solos and, Lord willing, one piece of a small ensemble as well, which will be my only composition on the album, the rest being arrangements of older compositions. So keep in tune! That album should be coming out before October at the latest.

Keep following Christ!

God bless,

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