Just wanted to let y’all know that I am still trying to keep the blog going and keep posting about music, but the music series is gonna have to wait a little until I work out an outline and set up a plan of where it’s leading. I knew I’d have to lay down the fundamentals first and then kinda got stuck in a which-path-do-i-take-next kinda thing. Be ready for a post or two on my other website 😉

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. To make up for it (if there’s really such a thing), I have several things listed below that you can download for free if you’d like. Coupon code is “badpostingdeal” and it expires Saturday, September 1. Hope you enjoy!

Piano Trio No. 1: Desert Monsoon Audio
The Star Spangled Banner Audio
Three Works for the Piano Sheet Music
All Flesh is as the Grass Sheet Music (which is for two Baritones, btw, but could be sung with two people of any sort 😀 I composed the music to this one and a close friend who likes singing with me paraphrased Isaiah 40:6-8)

Lately I’ve been super busy with practicing piano, building a desk as well as several other small woodworking projects for fun and business, supposed to be doing a lot of things *rolls eyes* and getting back into work as an intern for commercial appraising (not sure if I mentioned that before 😮 ). So that’s what’s up with me, hope you all are having a blessed time and are growing closer to Christ every day.

God bless!

2 thoughts on “Standby

  1. Anna directed me to your website after I listened to The Patriot’s Song (which I really enjoyed!), and I liked listening to The Star Spangled Banner. I would like to download the free items, but it says that the coupon code is not valid. ??? Help, please! 🙂

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